Agronode – Autonomous telemetry station with external sensors with radio transmission based on IoT technology.

Station is designed to collect, store and transmit wide variety of physical, chemical and other phenomenons from commercial sensors.

Device configuration can be changed to use wide spectrum of currently used IoT radio transport medias such as Lora, Sigfox, NbIot. 

Node can be also used as communication and backup module for complex systems.

  • Measurement acquisition, publication and store is driven by user script
  • Internal storage for up 250 000 records with ring buffer strategy
  • USB and BLE user interface
  • Powered by internal accumulator with solar charging or by primary battery
  • Magnetic button with script interaction 
  • ARM Cortex M0 ultra low power procesor
  • Real time clock
  • Integrated tilt sensor
  • External antenna
  • Inputs protected for overvoltage

External sensors (multisensors) are connected by combination (up 2) of buses:

  • SDI12
  • RS485
  • 1WIRE
  • I2C

Optional radio module

  • LoRa
  • Sigfox
  • GPRS
  • NbIot
  • IQRF

Technical specification:

BatteryLi-SOCl2 16000 mAh
AccumulatorLiIon 2200 mAh
Solar panel2V, 200 mA max
Power consumption120 uA sleep, max, 500 mA
Power for external sensors12 V a 5 V (3V3 upon request), 200mA max
Operating temperature-25 – 55 °C 
Dimensions83 x 109 x 55 mm

EU declaration of conformity.

Examples of realized deployments:

online monitoring of meteorological conditions from complex meteostatins (Vaisala, Metergroup – Atmos)

water level monitoring (eg. in wells) (BD sensors-Meret)

infraradiometer temperature monitoring (Apogee Instruments)

fluid flow monitoring (inductive and pulse flowmeters)

measuring of air temperature, humidity and CO2 concentration (Sensirion modules)

soil moisture and temperature monitoring (Campbell Scientific, Metergroup – Teros)

leaf wetness monitoring (Metergroup -Phytos)

NDVI index sensors (Metergroup SRS)