WIRELESSINFO is non-profit association founded in 2003 with focus on precision farming, soil protection, waste management, landscape management and ICT for agriculture. WRLS has a very wide field of activities with a big extensive research, innovation and implementation potential on both on Czech market and International market.
WIRELESSINFO brings together SMEs, research and industry and directly involves end users in research and development. WirelessInfo connect skills in precision farming soil management, land use and landscape management with high skills in ICT namely sensors and GIS technologies. Part of activities of WirelessInfo is linked with feasibility studies and economical assessment of new methods for agriculture and implementation of new types of tactical planning methods for agriculture. The objective of WirelessInfo research is to use innovation to improve to improve the quality of decisions in the agriculture, improve employment opportunities for the residents of rural areas, strengthen the rural economy and support the creation of solutions for precision farming, Agri food chain and agri logistic.