LESPROJEKT started their work in farm Rostenice (CZ), the EU pilot #2.

As the first part of their experimental work was equipped the sprayer (36-meter) Horsch with a weather station with data logging from sensors located on the cab and boom arms.

Recorded data will be sent at regular intervals (1 second) to the server (15 minutes interval), where they will be subsequently accessible in the form of API data will be sent continuously.  The individual entries will be related to the current machine position. The location data will be obtained from an external GPS receiver, which will send it by serial communication in the form of NMEA protocol and a transmission speed of 38,600 bps. 

At the same time, the sprinkler will take up-to-date images of the crop using 2 RGB cameras installed on both boom booms. The images from the cameras will not be sent anywhere, but only saved to external storage (SD card) for later processing.

Based on these measurements maps will be prepared, which will consist of data collection and processing in GIS.