Meeting of Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center (PSNC) and Czech delegation (Lesprojekt – sluzby s.r.o.)
The meeting took place on 9th October 2018 in PSNC headquarters (Poznan, Poland).

The following main points were discussed:

1. How we can cooperate on commercialization of DataBio pilot
2. How to start business in Czech
3. How to extend business to Poland and other countries
4. Business models
5. Next necessary steps in DataBio development

Lesprojekt: Karel Charvat, Karel Charvat Jr., Vojtech Lukas
PSNC: Raul Palma, Cezary Mazurek

Both PSNC and Lesprojekt stated their interest in the commercialization of joint (PSNC-Lespro) results from DataBio, and to further develop them.

PSNC will act as the data curator that will maintain available data  as linked data on the supercomputer that can enable to process bog data in real time. Complex queries and a set of applications based on the key datasets will be an asset to approach different customers in the farming area. This will not be limited to farmers but its open to wider audiences such as farm association and companies involved in the entire food processing chain or public bodies dealing with agriculture, forestry, hydrology and nature  protection.

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