SIEUSOIL is the three years long project  which started on 1st June 2019 tackling issues of rural development and biodiversity in relation to agriculture.

Lesprojekt will focus in SIEUSOIL on pilot testing and cooperating on the innovative hub.

SIEUSOIL – will design, implement and test a shared China-EU Web Observatory platform that will provide Open Linked Data to monitor status and threats of soil and assist in decision making for sustainable support of agroecosystem functions, in view of the projected climate change. The Observatory platform will through customizable modules support the wise management of soil at field level and will provide showcase of good practices on soil management both for EU and China. The final target will be to support sustainable management of soil, increase land productivity sustainably, reduce crop yield variability across time and space, and support the policy formulation process. Innovative practices and tools will be tested in SIEUSOIL and their impact will be assessed for improved soil fertility and land suitability.