There is still enough time to submit your Challenge proposals for COVID-19 INSPIRE Hackathon 2020! New deadline for the proposals was set to 25 AUGUST.

The COVID-19 INSPIRE Hackathon will be already the 17th hackathon organised by the Plan4All association in cooperation with CCSS and other H2020 projects including SmartAgriHubs. It will be based on the traditional model of the INSPIRE Hackathon, which is not a single event, it’s a process that is designed to efficiently exploit the achieved results of previous hackathons on developing new innovations.

COVID-19 INSPIRE Hackathon 2020 develops and shares agri-food economy solutions to balance the imperatives of the present with the demands of the future. In COVID-19 Hackathon we will address next topics:

  • Facilitate access to data and services for an easier digital innovation in the agri-food sectors / 3-4 expected Challenges
  • Educating individuals from other sectors for being able to support agri-food businesses in the crisis / 1 expected challenge
  • Forecasting of regional food supplies, deviations and/or shortages / 3-4 expected challenges
  • Mobilising agricultural workforce for harvesting / 1 – 2 expected challenges
  • Regional matching of offer and demand for fresh produce in decentralised settings / 1 expected challenge

The hackathon is currently in its preparation stage related to challenge definitions. Therefore, we are looking for challenge proposals that will address the above topics.

The challenge proposal should include:

  • Title of the challenge
  • Name of the mentor***
  • Short description of the challenge (250 characters max)
  • Extended description of the challenge (cca 1800 characters)
  • The goal of the challenge

*** In the INSPIRE hackathons the mentors are mentoring the teams addressing a set of pre-defined challenges. The mentors coordinate the work in the teams, ensure the team communication, make sure the final reports of the team results before the end of the virtual hackathon are delivered, attend and support the final virtual event, coordinate the presentations dedicated to their team’s results, and making sure the results are presented at the final virtual event of the hackathon.

The Call for Challenge proposals on COVID-19 INSPIRE Hackathon is open until the 25 August 2020.

Please send your challenge proposals in pdf file to

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