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Mentor: Clodagh Durkan

“Agriculture companies looking to help promote food security and position themselves to be winners in the post-COVID-19 world must conserve their financial strength so that they can make the necessary strategic acquisitions, boost their efforts to build or buy technologies that promote sustainability while supporting farmer P&Ls, and develop more tailored offerings that put the individual grower in the centre.” Boston Consulting Group May 2020

The Agri sector has a large compliance requirement, that often flies below the radar, as more of the logistics and supply embraces smart connected solutions, online procurement and Ecommerce differentiated solutions. 

July 15 2020, a new regulation. temporarily called Shrems 11, invalidated the previous existing privacy shield for EU to US data transfer security. This impacts data traversing borders, credit card payments, data privacy for data at rest in transit. Many Agri businesses are unaware of their obligations under data privacy, GDPR and the enhanced EU Cyberact. This program seeks solutions to assist that process. 


Secure Data as Optimised Business Intelligence 

In field solutions can be centrally correlated for optimised Agri business intelligence. Security throughout the whole supply chain is a vital key for which solutions are invited e.g. consider if someone can alter the best before date on food, it has the potential to severely impact the brand value, undermine consumer confidence and lose market trust. 

All companies, particularly those in food, shops, manufacturing, farm works rushed to create processes and procures that were not pre-existing before the Covid 19 crisis and there will be a large body of work to ensure that data privacy and data security governance created over the last 20 years is not completely invalidated, putting customers at risk .. e.g. for movement tracking, health data kept private 

Smart innovation for Covid aware Agri Industry 4.0 

– Cloud integration in Traditional ICS environment supporting digital transformation. – Innovative Secure Propositions that promote Agri P&L and sustainability. – Optimised tracing solution using RFID. Bluetooth, Embedded ESIM etc 

Smart Tracking 

– Solutions for Securing remote supervision of Production equipment and failure alarming – Blockchain solution integration for tracking assurance. – Secure Animal & Herd tracking – Security assurance of perimeter systems such as ICS interfaces, Ecommerce Sites, Logistics 

tracking such as warehousing and order fulfilment. – Secure Solutions for remote supervision of farm workers and production sites – Secure Contactless staff logging solutions 

Smart Logging 

– IOT and IOT Solutions and monitors for remote sensors. – Secure Camera propositions – Security Assurance of Digital Printing – Contactless staff logging solutions 

Smart Data correlation, inspection and regulatory 

– Legal and regulatory solutions for the changing face of Food supply chain cyber innovation. – Third party Agri logistics chain access solutions. – User-friendly ecommerce solutions to EU Cybersecurity Act, PCI, GDPR, NIST, IS27001. – Data governance requirements for EU & US exports under GDPR and Schrems ii. – Machine Learning for Cyber Agri solutions 

Smart Secure Communications 

– Communication encryption. Assuring data transfer integrity. – Vendor communications – Website and perimeter security assurance and threat intelligence. 

Smart marketplace access 

– Smart Access to Cyber professional marketplace at cost effective prices. – Digital invoicing and Ecommerce solutions. – Access to new PPE procurement solutions 

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About your mentor

CLODAGH DURKAN Originally from a west of Ireland farming village, Corballa, Co. Sligo, Clodagh has 24 years of building Cyber Capability and security transformation including 4  Vodafone Operators in EU & Africa, working in Ireland, Ghana, Italy and Germany and Müllergroup, the European dairy and food logistics company.