9-10 December 2019, Brussels
F2F meeting for recapitulation of achieved goals in WP1, presenting smartagrihubs portal, disccussion about social media and also Open Call – WP2

WP1 – recap and on-line marketing

Recap of the current achievements WP1, what the next steps will be (including discussing the Bucharest event and creating new comm. materials).

Recap of the current achievements in online-marketing. Presenting data of social media and newsletter results .

WP2 – Open call

Workshop on comm. Activities

Split into groups, identify specific needs, how to engage with DIHs/CCs, events, other stakeholder groups, discuss strategy for 2020.

Innovation portal + visual identity – detail explanation/update, demonstration of its features, clarifying questions.

Main goals for this F2F meeting

  • Get RCs familiar with whole range of comm. products
  • Brainstorm on future comm. activities/materials and strategy for 2020
  • Offer training on specific tools
  • Use comm. tools to strengthen relations with DIHs, CCs and FIEs: exchange of best practices